Fully Customizable Content

Every area within augieAAC is fully customizable. Administrators can tailor augie's content to match the needs and preferences of the individual user.  Accessing the configuration section is as easy as a swipe of your finger!  From there, every layer of content can be edited, expanded and structured to make the most of augie's features for your specific needs.  Administrators can add communication content, social stories, behavioral regulation prompts and conversational elements with ease.  In just a few minutes augie can be loaded with familar pictures and user recorded audio, making learning to use augieAAC that much easier.

  To access the configuration section, tap and hold top left dot, then swipe across the top row, down one and release.  Now you are ready to modify augie's content to meet the needs of the user.

Critical Communication Dock

The Critical Communication Dock is always visible at the bottom of the screen.  Each icon provides direct one-touch access to essential communication content.  Administrative users can ADD, MODIFY and DELETE icons on the Critical Communication Dock.

Separate Home and School/Work Environments

The Home (Blue) and School (Orange) environments allows separation of content into specific sections.  This organizational structure minimizes the confusion and frustration that may result from requesting items that are not available in a particular setting.

Modification of content in one environment does not effect the content of the other environment

Communication Categories

Augie's six core Communication buttons provides organization of vocabulary within logical and easy to access categories.  The default content includes:

                               "I WANT"

                               "I FEEL"

                               "MY PROGRAMS"  (include sample social stories, behavioral support cues)

                               "LET'S TALK"  (includes conversational elements)

                               "MY REMINDERS" (includes prompting, behavioral support and affirmations)

                               "BODY PARTS" (lists main body parts to facilitate communication about personal needs)

Daily Schedules

Separate Home and School/Work schedules to support independence and self-regulation.  Each schedule can be modified without altering the content of the other.  The schedule feature allows the user to develop multiple layer events (schedule within a schedule).  Each scheduled event includes text and image cues with "check off" action when the task are completed.  Schedule events are easily added, deleted or re-ordered to match changing situations.

Main Screen User Information

This can include important information about the aguieAAC user.  For those unfamiliar with the user, Main Screen User information is critical in challenging situations.   In times of crisis,this may be the only way to reach people who know the user best.

Integrated Note Pad

The integrated note pad facilitates home-school communication through text.  Notes are stored locally but can be copied into any messaging or e-mail service available on the iPad and forwarded electronically via your internet/wi-fi connection.