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The first and only multi-element support app for people with communication and regulation needs


AugieAAC is an easy to use voice output functional communication app that includes daily schedules, self-regulation and an integrated note pad feature. 

AugieAAC serves anyone in need of a portable Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) solution designed for functional communication. 

AugieAAC can be modified with user specific content on-the-fly (directly on the iPad) for quick content changes as needed.

Current users recommend AugieAAC for people of all ages in need of  a low cost communication option.

Daily Schedules

Separate "CHECK OFF" schedule  for HOME and SCHOOL /WORK, supports independence and self regulation.

Each Schedule can be modified without altering the content of the other.

Includes the option to create a "Schedule within a Schedule" when needed.

Critical Communication Dock

Communication Categories

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Preloaded communication content is clearly organized into "communication categories".  Categories organize vocabulary for quick purposeful communication.  Color coded category buttons designed for intuitive access to your customized content.

ONE-TOUCH message bar is always visible at the bottom of the screen. Thisallows instant access to essential communication content without the need to navigate multiple screens.

AugieAAC comes preloaded with high frequency vocabulary for both home and school settings, but it only takes minutes for you to make it your own with customized user content.  Augie's voice output communication categories are designed for functional communication and are easily modified to incorporate social stories, conversational phrases, personal affirmations, behavioral and self-regulation strategies.

Unlike other AAC apps available, augie includes mutilple support functions.   Each are well documented as an effective means of supporting individuals with autism and related disorders of communication, movement  and social functioning.

augie AAC Features:

  • Separate Home and School/Work environments for easy organization of content (no more frustration asking for items that are not available in one setting or the other)
  • Voice output communication (recorded human voice)
  • Check off schedule system with "schedule within a schedule" capability
  • One-touch critical communication dock
  • Built in note pad for home to school communication
  • Fully customizable content  (administrative users can add or delete content as needed to suit the needs of the user)

Why struggle with communication apps that are too complicated and have limited flexibility?

Why overpay for communication devises that require technical expirtise or lengthy trainning?

AugieAAC is easy to use, easliy customized and will be working for you in minutes!

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